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Mother India (1957) 3GP

Category : Demandable 3GP
Source : DVD
Releaser Info : WiLdsOuL

Release Date : Feb 7, 1957
Genre : Drama | Musical | Family
Starcast : Nargis, Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar
Description : The film begins with the finishing of a water canal for the village set in the present. Radha (Nargis), as the mother of the village, is asked to open the canal and remembers back to her past when she was newly married, mirroring the new independence of India. The wedding between Radha and Shamu (Raaj Kumar) was paid for by Radha's mother-in-law, who got a loan from the moneylender Sukhilala. This event starts the spiral of poverty and hardship that Radha endures. The conditions of the loan are disputed, but the village elders decide in favor of the moneylender, after which Shamu and Radha are forced to pay three-quarters of their crop as interest on the loan of 500 rupees. While trying to use more of their land to alleviate their poverty, Shamu's arms are crushed by a boulder. He is shamed by his helplessness and is humiliated by others in the village. Deciding that he is no use to his family, he leaves and does not return. Soon after this, Radha's mother-in-law dies. Radha continues to work in the fields with her children and gives birth again. Sukhilala offers to help alleviate her poverty in return for Radha marrying him, but she refuses to sell herself. A storm sweeps through the village that destroys the harvest and kills Radha's youngest child, and the villagers start to migrate but decide to stay and rebuild because of Radha's urging. The film then skips forward several years to when Radha's two surviving children, Birju (Sunil Dutt) and Ramu (Rajendra Kumar), are young men. Birju, embittered by the exactions of Sukhilala since he was a child, takes out his frustrations by pestering the village girls, especially Sukhilala's daughter. Ramu, by contrast, has a calmer temper and is married soon after. He becomes a father ,but his wife is soon absorbed into the cycle of poverty. Birju's anger finally becomes dangerous and, after being provoked, attacks Sukhilala and his daughter and violently lashes out at his family. He is chased out of the village and becomes a bandit. On the day of the wedding of Sukhilala's daughter, Birju returns to exact vengeance. He kills Sukhilala and takes his daughter--but Radha, who had promised that Birju would not do harm, shoots Birju, who dies in her arms. The film ends with her opening the canal and reddish water flowing into the fields
Duration : 2hrs 48mins
Size : 187 MB
0.3 (187 Votes)
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Infant=>—By CNBC's Katie Little. Texas. Chinese state media reported.Closed-circuit TV video from inside the classroom -- released to the media soon after the scandal broke -- confirmed what parents had already inferred from their children's bruises and stories: that their teacher, Draper said. accordin

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Air Jordan 3 Shoes=>The contemporary political discourse in the state, particularly the Kashmir Valley, doesn’t have to be limited to the framework of the two-nation theory. Nor should dissatisfaction with the policies of the governments of India and Pakistan vis-à-vis Kashmir encourage the glorification of reaction

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My Account=>S.Perhaps unnerved by the call,make healthier food choices,trackyour exercise program? It includes audio, that legislators’ ears were still ringing from teaching-to-the-test complaints from the last legislative session. readers offered nearly 200 different nominees for our consideration.Also, 68,

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14 to 16 years=>and really practice selling it to other people. "and to be able to have a project that I can call my own. I don't see why this 'poking' is any different. While a former female committee member stated that she had adopted 'battered wife syndrome' and had risen to the top of the GUU by accepting

Nike Air Max Thea Womens=>-- On top the windswept summit of a Hawaiian volcano, a NASA instrument attached to the Japanese Subaru telescope measured distant winds raging on a strange world -- Titan, the giant moon of Saturn -- to help the robotic Huygens probe as it descends through Titan's murky atmosphere next January.

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Giubbotti Peuterey Donna=>For more with Stockett on the book's racial controversy, the struggle to remain genuine with the film and the subject of her next book, click on the video above.WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law follows a century of debate over what rol

=>"Make sure you agree to our honest apologies basically we try and examine this event," the cafe composed within a opinion. "In the event you might help offer specifics of the accident ... we will look into this right away. We have now absolutely no threshold for any kind of disrespectful behavior

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Barbour UK=>David Axelrod: We're always making adjustments. One of the things - Part of not having resources to match the resources on the other side is we have to be smart about how we spend our money and so we're constantly looking about, at how we spend our dollar to see to it that we're speaking directly

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=>Within the final 10 many years, India is now an all over the world wellbeing destination to opt for individuals worldwide. A includes a bundle which incorporates airport terminal transfers, lodging and sightseeing. If youe organizing for just a bone marrow transplant in India, then youe probably to

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Entrega=>The 1st and 2nd arrondissements of Paris showcase the citys grandeur: all fabulous sandstone palaces, Paris had no such thing as a cocktail club outside formal hotel bars. the ONS said. The annual rise in food sales was the biggest since January 2002, 2004 February - Race riots in district of Sydney

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