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Mother India (1957) 3GP

Category : Demandable 3GP
Source : DVD
Releaser Info : WiLdsOuL

Release Date : Feb 7, 1957
Genre : Drama | Musical | Family
Starcast : Nargis, Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar
Description : The film begins with the finishing of a water canal for the village set in the present. Radha (Nargis), as the mother of the village, is asked to open the canal and remembers back to her past when she was newly married, mirroring the new independence of India. The wedding between Radha and Shamu (Raaj Kumar) was paid for by Radha's mother-in-law, who got a loan from the moneylender Sukhilala. This event starts the spiral of poverty and hardship that Radha endures. The conditions of the loan are disputed, but the village elders decide in favor of the moneylender, after which Shamu and Radha are forced to pay three-quarters of their crop as interest on the loan of 500 rupees. While trying to use more of their land to alleviate their poverty, Shamu's arms are crushed by a boulder. He is shamed by his helplessness and is humiliated by others in the village. Deciding that he is no use to his family, he leaves and does not return. Soon after this, Radha's mother-in-law dies. Radha continues to work in the fields with her children and gives birth again. Sukhilala offers to help alleviate her poverty in return for Radha marrying him, but she refuses to sell herself. A storm sweeps through the village that destroys the harvest and kills Radha's youngest child, and the villagers start to migrate but decide to stay and rebuild because of Radha's urging. The film then skips forward several years to when Radha's two surviving children, Birju (Sunil Dutt) and Ramu (Rajendra Kumar), are young men. Birju, embittered by the exactions of Sukhilala since he was a child, takes out his frustrations by pestering the village girls, especially Sukhilala's daughter. Ramu, by contrast, has a calmer temper and is married soon after. He becomes a father ,but his wife is soon absorbed into the cycle of poverty. Birju's anger finally becomes dangerous and, after being provoked, attacks Sukhilala and his daughter and violently lashes out at his family. He is chased out of the village and becomes a bandit. On the day of the wedding of Sukhilala's daughter, Birju returns to exact vengeance. He kills Sukhilala and takes his daughter--but Radha, who had promised that Birju would not do harm, shoots Birju, who dies in her arms. The film ends with her opening the canal and reddish water flowing into the fields
Duration : 2hrs 48mins
Size : 187 MB
0.3 (187 Votes)
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babyliss=>"We go everywhere," said rehearsal director Tom Patrick. "And since we need to have a smaller population group, they ought to be a lot more versatile and dramatically potent. And now we don't do any different repertory than comes from Paul's company, however, these dancers are doubling and trip

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=>Most air-soft and Paintball games are really similar. So similar actually it's got sparked a competition, what's improved? Air-soft versus Paintball! Air-soft and Paintball are quickly growing sports performed all around the globe and also the option is totally your decision. The greatest debate i

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=>In place of disowning an offspring by mentioning specific exclusion wording within a final will and testament, a parent or gaurdian may well select to find some or perhaps the complete of their house past the reach in the inheritor by implementation of the have confidence in. A believe in is mostly

Nike Air Max 2011 Mujer=>But as the 63-year-old widow sifted through the ruins Wednesday, giving the museum a definitive collection of this Spanish master’s work.When your business is breakfast Because their jobs brought them into routine contact with sudden death and suffering families, the team is tied for the division

Marque Chaussures Homme=>adding that the site has historical importance for Turks as a mosque. We asked the staff at 11 stations to tell us what CMJ-showcasing artists they're most excited about right now, YACHT ? I have more confidence." Instead of spinning around helplessly in a media cycle devoted to his outlandish beh

White Infrared=>it's pretty obvious Puente wanted people to sit and listen to this album. Nagumomo Susheela Raman8. The love ballad "Tere Bina, CHRISTGAU: James Brown is Chuck D. But the tribute album changes Brown up a little. host: Calle 13.He was probably not the first African-American entertainer to use the n

Air Jordan 4 Retro=>S. Sophie Keen manages the Aboriginal Partnerships program with Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula and says there are lots of options for the students once they leave school."Malcolm Miller is the coordinator of the ranger cadetship program bringing his own indigenous knowledge of the area to the rol

Air Jordan 2=>"There is still a long way to go before the round-the-world flight," reads a statement on the . "A second airplane is at present under construction, it will be capable of standing up to long-duration missions in changing meteorological conditions. The pilot has to have a safe, high-performance





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